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Hi, I'm Kanika. I'm a recipe creator and a baking enthusiast, while also trying to learn styling and photography. All my cooking skills and instincts have been passed down to me by my mother

I'm a consultant by profession specializing in urban management and governance and while I love my job, baking is my absolute passion. I started a home bakery and created a blog on Instagram in 2016 while I was still a student and that's where my cooking journey took off!

My style of cooking mostly focusses on homemade comfort food that everyone loves and enjoys with a few healthy elements here and there. I feel food is one thing in the world that brings the entire family together and that is just precious to me!

This is your go to guide for home baking and countless tips and tricks that I have learned throughout my baking journey. 

AMAI by Kanika is truly my own little passion project. Take a look around; perhaps you’ll discover what fuels you as well. Read on and enjoy!

Thanks for stopping by! Happy Baking ~

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