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Classic Salted Caramel

Its rich, decedent & oh so smooth!

You can use it on ice-cream, coffee, milkshake, cakes, muffins, tarts, cookies, popcorn, the list is endless. Making caramel can be a little intimidating but this recipe is simple and uses very basic ingredients to give you the perfect caramel. I personally made 200 bottles of this stuff to give away as party favors and it honestly cannot get any simpler than this. You don't need any special equipment and it comes together in no time!

Few things before you get started:

  • Because we're working with sugar, its very important to be cautious to not burn yourself. At any point, do not try to touch the mixture with your bare hands. When you add butter and cream to the hot mixture, it may splatter a little, wear kitchen gloves if necessary

  • Once the caramel is cools down, it solidifies and becomes sticky, almost toffee-like. You will have to microwave it every time you want to use it. So make sure you store it in a microwave safe jar



  • 1 cup regular white sugar

  • 100 grams salted butter

  • 110 ml heavy cream

  • 1/2 teaspoon salt


  1. In a big pan with high sides, add your sugar and melt on medium-low heat. The sugar will go from sticky to an amber liquid in no time so make sure to stir continuously with a wooden or heat proof silicon spatula to prevent burning

  2. Once the sugar is almost completely melted and is light golden in color, add your butter. To avoid any splatter, make sure your butter is softened at room temperature and cut into cubes. Stir continuously to combine sugar and butter. If you feel the sugar and butter are being separated and butter is just floating around in the pan, remove from heat and take your time to stir continuously. It will come together eventually and become one smooth homogenous mixture

  3. Once the butter and sugar have combined, remove from heat and add you room temperature heavy cream in a thin steady stream while stirring continuously. Heat again on medium low heat till the caramel bubbles up and rises

  4. Remove from heat and stir in the salt. Let the caramel cool down a little before you try to transfer it

  5. You can store this caramel in your refrigerator for about 2 months. Reheat in a microwave for a few seconds to thin out the consistency


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